Why You Should Get Into The Yuuki Yuuna Franchise (And How To Do So)


Hey, guys, it’s a surprise kamikaze article from my side of things! Anyway, I’ve got this important message to all of you to Watch Yuuki Yuuna. Watch Yuuki Yuuna. Watch Yuuki Yuuna. Watch Yuuki Yuuna. Watch Yuuki Yuuna.

Why you should watch Yuuki Yuuna you ask? Well, let me explain!

Yuuki Yuuna Yuuki Yuuna

Now, see, this girl over here is Yuuki Yuuna. Just look at how determined she is. She’s the perfect daughter you never knew you wanted: Cheerful, energetic, always with a smile as radiant as the sun on her face (okay, maybe not in that image up there), a member of the hero club – set out to help people in need -, also full of KIAI TO KONJOU she uses to beat the everliving shit out of bad guys with her YUUSHA PUNCH whenever the need arises. tl;dr: She’s a GOOD GIRL.

Yuuki Yuuna Yuusha Punch

Now see, that’s a proper Yuusha Punch right there.

But let’s move on!

Yuuki Yuuna Tougou

This is Tougou. She LOVES Japan. She also LOVES Yuuna. But did I mention that she LOVES Japan? Now, see, the main writer, Takahiro, is a die-hard nationalist so when you see her swinging tiny Japanese flags within the very first minutes of the show, it’s no coincidence and there’s more to come. That’s admittedly the most amusing part of her personality but the lengths she will go to to be gay for her not-girlfriend and entire country are quite astounding.

You think I’m kidding? Just look at how much NIHON BANZAI He Who Doth Not Fuck Around Takahiro-Sama managed to cram into this thing:

Yuuki Yuuna Tougou Patriotism 1
Yuuki Yuuna Tougou Patriotism 2
Yuuki Yuuna Tougou Patriotism 3
Yuuki Yuuna Tougou Patriotism 4
Yuuki Yuuna Tougou Patriotism 5

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

However, the best is yet to come…!

Yuuki Yuuna Fuu

Here we have Fuu. Fuu is BEST GIRL. And Maji Tenshi/10. She also happens to have the greatest forehead known to mankind. And wears white thighhighs, a supremely underrated fashion might I add. Cool and majestic twintails not being stupid enough to resist gravity yet still having enough common sense in aesthetics to be long and fluffy just add to the charme. In fact, her twintails turn into MEGA B-R-A-I-D-S (greatest hairstyle alongside drills, do not dispute) when she transforms and you know a girl is good when she does that. She also has this perfect bro personality where she’s gentle and caring but also cool and fun to be around with. In other words, she’s perfection incarnate. Oh, and she’s also voiced by Uchiyama Yumi so she’s essentially the Top Speed – Top Waifu of this franchise. Did I mention she’s perfect? Because she’s perfect. That’s what she is. In fact, she’s so perfect I own a Fuu keychain and a Fuu washing lotion. And no, I’m not making this up.

Yuuki Yuuna Fuu Demon Lord

Also, here’s her as a demon lord for good measure:

If you’re still not floored, you’re probably the gayest of all of my readers… which wouldn’t really say much but still.

However, let’s put the Fuu shilling aside and get to the next character.

Yuuki Yuuna Karin

Wow, would you look at that, it’s a Karin! As far as I’m concerned, Karin isn’t that exciting but she is a giant forehead tsundere who really values friendship after all is said and done, oh and she’s also aethletic as fuck mmmhhh skintight fitness wear and always eats those weird dried sardines she keeps carrying around for some reason so she’s certainly got high specs. I bet you wish you had a cute girl giving you dried sardines whenever she felt like it! Actually, I bet you wish you had a cute girl period.
*ahem* She also has a pretty cool “WITNESS ME” moment towards the end of S1 so that also speaks in her favor.

Though yet again, let’s move on to the next girl!

Yuuki Yuuna Itsuki

This is Itsuki. Itsuki is a character who exists. She also does this thing of being Fuu’s little sister. I suppose I should mention she occasionally does do some tarot cards but that’s not my kind of cards I want to see in anime and it’s all insubstantial, pseudo-ill-omened BS anyway. Thank you for your valuable contribution, Itsuki.


Yuuki Yuuna Sonoko

Last but not least we have the miracle of the universe that is Sonocchi. I’m not going to tell you more about her for spoiler reasons but let me just mention that she exists and is the GREATEST HANAKANA CHARACTER OF ALL TIME – though she’s a very late entry to the show but that does make the wait all the better. Anyway, to summarize her, Sonocchi is the most positive interpretation of “special child” one could have. She is the spirit animal I’d like to be linked to.

Yuuki Yuuna Sonocchi 1
Yuuki Yuuna Sonocchi 2
Yuuki Yuuna Sonocchi 3

But pictures speak louder than words so let me just dump that stuff all over you:

Also here’s a video clip for those heretics still unconvinced of her greatness:

What I’m trying to say here is that this anime girl is a national treasure.

Alright, so you’ve been rambling about the characters in excessive detail but what is this thing actually about?`
Well, Yuuki Yuuna is a multimedia franchise that’s thankfully safely contained in its worthwhile parts to three anime and one manga. No gacha shit and light novel trash to wade through. It’s a magical girl story wherein a bunch of kids fight invading monsters in abstract shapes as time stands still while utilizing the power of shinto mythology or something like that. I won’t pretend I understand the religious references. So essentially, it’s just like Evangelion, minus the part where it’s a mediocre mess. It also features cute girls. What a win-win situation!
Now, contrary to other magical girl anime, this one can get darker and more serious but at this point, that’s hardly a novelty. However, the execution of its characters and their chemistry as well as the underlying themes it carries are why this is a franchise worth tackling even though it doesn’t look too high-concept on paper.

Yuuki Yuuna KINO

Ugh, Zaku, so this is just another dark magical girl anime, isn’t it?
See, I think this is a franchise that’s largely misunderstood. Now, people have been calling this “Walmart Madoka” for silly reasons for ages but that implies that Madoka is something worth copying – which it is not. I wouldn’t really call Yuuki Yuuna a dark magical girl anime in the first place as while these girls go through hardships, there’s not thaaaaat much despair and bloodshed in the process and mostly, it stays on the optimistic and hopeful side. In fact, one of the show’s main lines to live by is “You’re likely to succeed if you try” so there’s no cynical Urobullshit on how if you want to help a grandma cross the road, there’s no guarantee you’ll safely make it. Isn’t that such a nice thing? In Yuuki Yuuna, hurdles are made to be overcome. Occasionally, I even feel like there’s a bit of a shounen anime inside this when it ramps up its levels of being passionate and you can’t help but feel proud of these girls. Yuuki Yuuna also has one of my favorite things in its final moments and something present in its central themes which span throughout the entire franchise: Pathos that works. I’m a sucker for that shit. Otherwise I wouldn’t love Yu-Gi-Oh!. Oh, and there are also some KINO moments. In fact, its finale is the KINO-EST KINO thing that has KINO-ED as far as the genre is concerned.

Yuuki Yuuna MORE KINO

I’m glad you’d ask, Strawman-kun! Now, there’s this highly overrated game called “NieR: Automata” that almost everyone has played by now and see, people totally love its OST – yeah, that’s more or less what the show sounds like, reason being that MONACO, the studio behind its music, was founded and is led by Keiichi Okabe and he’s behind the NieR OST. There’s even Emi Evans too!
In fact, I even bought its OST and I don’t even own anything I could play that CD with! How stupi- cool is that?

Well, uh, that, uh, yeah, see… I still think it’s like that. Much like, say, Fafner, the show takes way too long to get anywhere interesting. The entire first half of S1 feels like it was written to pad things out and the finale is also all sorts of underwhelming without the proper context established thereafter. But there is some underlying good and for what it’s worth, the rest of the franchise kinda retroactively helps it out and it’s a really worthwhile story in general so I think it’s an investment for the better. The drama can get really good and the slice of life and comedy segments of WaSuYu and Yuusha no Shou are among the best I’ve seen in this medium. Anyway, overall, it’s a truckload of fun. Do you hate a truckload of fun?

Yuuki Yuuna FUN


Don’t you worry about it, my little lost lamb. I’ve got you covered.

Here’s the ultimate order to go by:
Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru (TV) -> Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Washio Sumi no Shou (TV) -> Nogi Wakaba wa Yuusha de Aru (Manga) -> Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Yuusha no Shou (TV).

Now, one thing you don’t do is experience this in chronological order as that’s what idiots do. One thing you also don’t do is skip NoWaYu as that’s also what idiots do – it’s relevant to understanding what’s going on in the finale and to thematically connect the chronological starting point of the franchise to its end point. People who tell you otherwise are bad and liars and dumb and deserve to be Yuusha Punched into oblivion. Have I made myself clear enough? Good.

With that said, it’d be nice if you could give this one magical girl franchise a try. I think it’s very much worth it.

Also, congratulations to making it to the very end of my article! As a reward, here’s a Sonoko MAD:

Wow, what an amazing reward. Now clearly you ought to reward yourself some more by watching some Yuuki Yuuna.

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