maruino’s And Asari Endou’s Commentary On The MahoIku Characters


Well, golly gee willikers, would you look at that. Here I am with yet another translation of the MahoIku creators’ comments on their precious, beloved, amazing characters of whom I can’t get enough.

All the way from Unmarked to Jokers – yes, that means no Micchan The Super Amazing Dictionary With The Good Character Design And Fluff Owl sadly – you’ll get to know about the super exciting world of wonders and intricate details of MahoIku’s chracters. Isn’t that just magi-nice?

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Unmarked

Snow White:
Asari Endou: “I have an inclination towards oddballs.”
maruino: “I’m overjoyed she turned out to be the character with the least of a gap between her inner values and outward appearance.”

La Pucelle:
Asari Endou: “Among all the characters, La Pucelle is the one who received most corrections compared to the original draft. Primarily in regard to her sex.”
maruino: “I’m so sorry I made hiding her horns such a troublesome bother for her…”

Asari Endou: “In term of her human form, she is the second strongest only to Grace.”
maruino: “She’s got tiny shuriken on her ears.”

Top Speed:
Asari Endou: “Because the broom itself is floating, and thanks to adjusting the angles of all boosters, surprisingly precise maneuvers are possible.”
maruino: “I have yet to draw the frontside of her mantle.”

Calamity Mary:
Asari Endou: “Calamity Mary, living the lifestyle of a yakuza and Ripple, a young girl who’s much like a Yankee… they are like oil and water.”
maruino: “I never thought I’d get more opportunities to draw her. She’s pretty…”

Asari Endou: “Her outfit borders on the obscene but at least her underwear is properly worn.”
maruino: “I knew that she was the first one to exit the stage so I aspired to make her really adorable.”

Asari Endou: “To the point of leaving behind her name, she’s had quite the success so one might say she’s a magical girl with no regrets.”
maruino: “I still remember thinking ‘This is a good design!’ the first time I drew her.”

Swim Swim:
Asari Endou: “Swim Swim’s school uniform being white is due to the respective editor being a strong fan thereof.”
maruino: “There was a period of time (I guess?) when her design was my favorite one I think. I’m grateful I was tasked with giving her a white school uniform.”

maruino Asari Endou Characters Fanbook Ripple

Asari Endou: “Even for the author himself, figuring out who’s Minael and who’s Yunael isn’t an easy task.”
maruino: “I settled this with surprising ease. Whether to use an outside wing or not I decided by the sound of her name.”

Asari Endou: “They’re certain that they’re both magi-cool, so it can’t be helped.”
maruino: “Now that I think about it, they are the only magical girls who, even properly illustrated, are SD size.”

Asari Endou: “It’s not that she opens holes to erase things, she just forcibly enlargens holes that were already there to begin with.”
maruino: “I feel like Tama’s outfit could work as a pyjamas, what do you think? Would you wear it?”

Magicaloid 44:
Asari Endou: “She has a discerning eye for both people and objects.”
maruino: “It looks like she moves through the medal. Inside the sacks at her sides, she’s got her lunch sack and gym shoes.”

Sister Nana:
Asari Endou: “To Sister Nana, the concept of love was to fight, persevere and achieve victory…”
maruino: “I want to her hold massive weapons.”

Asari Endou: “… so since Sister Nana’s physical strength was considerably high, when she became a magical girl at first, she might not have been a prince to her.”
maruino: “I have no clue as to how the finer details of her attire work either.”

Asari Endou: “Deep within her heart, she quietly hides away her secret killer techniques’ titles.”
maruino: “Every time I see cranberries at the store, I can’t help but think of her.”

Hardgore Alice:
Asari Endou: “As I was still in the early stages of penning the characters, she turned out to be an office lady in her mid-twenties.”
maruino: “She keeps her plush bunny with her, cherishing it like Snow White.”

maruino Asari Endou Characters Fanbook Top Speed

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Restart

Asari Endou: “I can’t help but think that it’d be nice if I got the opportunity to write about her magical girl buddy one day.”
maruino: “In the second half, I get all enthusiatic and fired up about her. Her base is that of a chicken and a roster.”

Asari Endou: “Her physical appearance turns into rather surreal sights plenty of times, however, Clantail herself doesn’t really like that.”
maruino: “She is what I’m into. Clantail wiggling her tail is really cute.”

Asari Endou: “Since her doll form isn’t her real body, her actual body’s capabilities are rather weak.”
maruino: “I still remember how drawing her attire’s flower patterns was a never-ending ordeal.”

Miyokata Nonako:
Asari Endou: “She passed her exam by using small insects like spies and gathering information that way.”
maruino: “I still remember that I had quite some trouble in figuring out how to best approach her miko garment.” [TL Note: Maruino corrects herself by switching from a hiragana arimasu to a katakana arimasu as to imitate Nonako’s American accent as katakana are commonly used for anything foreign. On that note, yes, Nonako is American, not French as implied in the Yen Press version. Anyway, I did not in any way want to figure out how to localize this as it proved to be as much of a hassle for me as it was for maruino to handle Nonako’s clothing, kthxbye.]

Magical Daisy:
Asari Endou: “That she didn’t receive any money from her anime adaptation is quite sad actually.”
maruino: “We should construct a zone for people who died just as regrettably as Nemurin…”

Asari Endou: “The part where she rejects/kicks away Pechka is where she carelessly shows her fangs.”
maruino: “Her nail color is ashen… Nokko-chan…”

Asari Endou: “The reason she picked up soccer was the World Cup. She’s the type who follows the crowd.”
maruino: “The odangos on her head give off quite the manju vibe.”

Genopsyko Yumenoshima:
Asari Endou: “While her manga remained inconclusive, as per her will, its concluding arc was published in a doujin magazine.”
maruino: “Design-wise, I like her quite a lot. I didn’t really get a lot of opportunities to draw her!”

maruino Asari Endou Characters Fanbook Rionetta

Detec Bell:
Asari Endou: “She’s also had areas where buildings would quarrel with each other and managing those was quite troublesome.”
maruino: “Comparatively speaking, she displays a lot of components that I love but the drawing process is quite hard. She is of small statue.”

Lapis Lazuline:
Asari Endou: “As for her title of honor, it appears that there is some kind of a connection to those who make the rules.”
maruino: “I imagined her to have a mature charm and tried to design her that way but once you open the lid you might contrarily be pleased that she’s the sporty type, that is what I selfishly envisioned.”

Asari Endou: “Encountering Cranberry is what led to her living an entirely self-sufficient lifestyle.”
maruino: “I was told her garment was made out of respect towards Cranberry… that’s how she turned out to be a woman of purple roses.”

Cherna Mouse:
Asari Endou: “Only Cherna Mouse herself knows the upper limit of how much she can grow.”
maruino: “Both as a character and from a design-point, I love her. I want you…”

Asari Endou: “Fighting primarily through kansetsu-zawa [TL note: judo joint-locking techniques] has its origin in self-defense training she has been taking since her childhood.”
maruino: “I remember that designing her proved to be complicated. As for adding birds left and right, that’s for a feeling of safekeeping.”

Shadow Gale:
Asari Endou: “Because she quickly gave up on mastering self-defense techniques, when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, she is no match for Pfle.”
maruino: “I was given the instruction of designing a nurse in black so I was overjoyed to design her by my preferences.”

Masked Wonder:
Asari Endou: “Depending on her forging her skills and application of use, she might have had the power to destroy the world”.
maruino: “I was asked why I liked tails in particular. I didn’t even notice myself.”

Asari Endou: “When she participated in the event that unfolded before she became like this…”
maruino: “As a separate class’s public moral committee member, I’d really like to get to know Akane during a after-school committee meeting and get along with her.”

maruino Asari Endou Characters Fanbook Melville

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Limited

Captain Grace:
Asari Endou: “The episode where she tears apart a 500 yen coin with her bare hands got cut.”
maruino: “The image I have of her is that of a cat. And her pupils constantly being widened.”

Funny Trick:
Asari Endou: “The only person who is convinced that she can’t get any stronger against Umi is Funny Trick herself.”
maruino: “The image I had in mind of her was that of a little bird. Had she trained the ahoge on her head, surely it would have operated while making ‘bzzt-bzzt’ noises.”

Asari Endou: “In my initial draft, she was the first one to die.”
maruino: “Having too many chains and other things on your wedding dress gets too heavy on you, right?”

Kuru-Kuru Hime:
Asari Endou: “She resembles her mother. In better times, they were mistaken for sisters.”
maruino: “She looks like she is standing atop a music box.”

Asari Endou: “While she does have a considerable temper, among mages, that happens quite often.”
maruino: “To differentiate her from Top Speed, I wondered if I should go with designing Mana as a rather smart-ish type…”

Hana Gekokujou:
Asari Endou: “She specializes in speed, not brute force. After all, rabbits are quite fast.”
maruino: “A rabbit and a yukata were the adorable instructions I was given. And on top of being cute, she can also fight! Two qualities! Two rabbits!”

Asari Endou: “She got super nervous the first time she looked in the mirror through her glasses.”
maruino: “I was wondering if she was quite skilled as a combatant magical girl as I designed her. Quite a nice gap came out of that.”

Asari Endou: “She used to be quite violent, however, after being exposed to a much more violent everyday, she finally calmed down.”
maruino: “Ripple… Ripple…”

maruino Asari Endou Characters Fanbook Weddin

Rain Pow:
Asari Endou: “Having little concern for following the law but having all the more learning adaptability, these are the things that Toko expected from her.”
maruino: I wanted to draw a psychedelic (?) kind of suit so I picked her for that.

Asari Endou: “What happens when her magic is used on humans I wonder… I really can’t help but wonder indeed…”
maruino: “Her designated design should be that of a mailman… but it does look a bit like a soldier’s… I wonder if I did fine with the colors there…”

Asari Endou: “Compared to Cherna, she does have a philosophical side to her. Much like how I picture tortoises.”
maruino: “Because I like animal magical girls, I love Mei even more. As for how I feel her size to be, I picture her being kid-sized.”

Maou Pam:
Asari Endou: “Her naming is a result of thinking about how her name could be overpowering and apply to kotodama.”
maruino: “She’s relevant to my interests. I later discovered more and more that my interests did not keep up with Frederica’s.”

Pythie Frederica:
Asari Endou: “Regardless of whether she achieves victory or defeat, she’s a special one who can find joy in either.”
maruino: “Designing a character this individualistic, who had previously already appeared was quite a challenge. I’m glad I settled for this design.”

Tot Pop:
Asari Endou: “Matching another person’s rhythm with no self-assertion of her own is exactly what makes her self-assertion.”
maruino: “Both design-wise as well as in terms of personality, I love her just as much as Cherna. I wanna draw more of her!”

Asari Endou: “Had either Tot Pop or Sonia survived, her rampage would not have taken place.”
maruino: “As a leading general figure, I really quite like her. YES, SIR!”

Sonia Bean:
Asari Endou: “Stealing as a means of acquiring nutrition is her basic way of survival.”
maruino: “Hers is a design that I wrapped up rather quickly. I paid attention to make her somewhat but not too dirty.”

maruino Asari Endou Characters Fanbook Mana

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Jokers

Princess Deluge:
Asari Endou: “There’s the complaint that rather than water, ice is a much more fitting element for her.”
maruino: “I kind of imagined her to be a member of a clean-up committee. My base point of imagination for her was that of Poseidon.”

Princess Inferno:
Asari Endou: “To make it so that their type of magic would be understood just by looking, I let them be designed with the premise of them fighting in mind.”
maruino: “My sources of inspiration for her design were a scorpion and Vaisravana. I also really like bondage.”

Princess Tempest:
Asari Endou: “Compared to all the other elementary school students who are magical girls, this elementary school student is very elementary school student-like.”
maruino: “The image I had in mind for her was that of the Goddess of Victory. The forbidden fruits on her head flourish intensely.”

Princess Quake:
Asari Endou: “Her sketchbooks were later on retrieved by Deluge. It looks like she interpreted their contents favorably.”
maruino: “I’d love for her to live right next to my house. Her bases are that of a sphinx and a mole.”

Prism Cherry:
Asari Endou: “When people say, ‘Ordinary people who lust after exceptionalism do not understand the value of ordinariness’, I wonder, isn’t that just the haughty pride of the exceptional?”
maruino: “I made her an ordinary magical girl, but her outfit was almost totally see through *ahem*, anyway, you’re special too!”

Asari Endou: “The episode about her struggles to find re-employment had two thirds of it cut.”
maruino: “She’s a sewing magical girl so I made sure to make her look cute. I also braided her hair.”

Asari Endou: “Her tone of speaking was far too nasty so I corrected it over and over until she finally turned out in her present, ridiculously polite state.”
maruino: “Her designing process was a difficult one to handle but I quite came to like her. I want to take lessons from her on how to best handle the ways of work.”

Asari Endou: “Design-wise, I really like her, however, illustrations only reach you after the story has already been completed…”
maruino: “Kafuria seems like she might be listed in a Japanese Youkai Encyclopedia.”

maruino Asari Endou Characters Fanbook Uttakatta

Lady Proud:
Asari Endou: “No matter who the other party is, she can also use her magic in a peaceful way as a means of blood transfusion.”
maruino: “Garlic on her head, a cross on her chest… it looks like her pride is high! And her mentality weak!”

Asari Endou: “Contrary to her image of holding an umbrella, if she were to fall from a high place, she’d reverse the umbrella and land that way.”
maruino: “Rain, sweets, a frog… the designs of the other children were too much on the eccentric side so I took this framework and just applied it directly.”

Grim Heart:
Asari Endou: “No matter how much rage and chaos one might try to infuse in her heart, it will never break…”
maruino: “From a character standpoint, she is a princess I really love… her skirt’s design is that of a rose garden.”

Asari Endou: “… because that is how both Shufflin and Grim Heart were ‘constructed’.”
maruino: “I want to see the Heart and Diamond Shufflin lined up next to Nemurin.”

Marika Fukuroi:
Asari Endou: “Her special skill is to make the best out of a situation. No matter how sad or painful a situation is, she will choose the best option.”
maruino: “I received the material and I instinctively knew what to do so with no reserve, I designed her to my liking.”

Styler Mimi:
Asari Endou: “Complaining at great length but in the innermost depths of her heart knowing that it’s not that big of a deal, that’s the kind of person she is.”
maruino: “A place that sells cosmetics and a store window display, that’s the kind of image I had in mind when designing her.”

Snow White:
Asari Endou: “Ruler was designed as Swim Swim’s weapon, however, it also fits Snow White quite well.”
maruino: “I increased the number of belts on her uniform almost as if something had awakened within her.”

Asari Endou: “A certain someone has, much like before going on an excursion, prepared all her tools with great excitement.”
maruino: “I became quite fond of drawing a girl in a jester’s outfit. She’s cute much in the way an animal magical girl is.”

maruino Asari Endou Characters Fanbook Shufflin

Et Cetera

Asari Endou: “It looks like the Magical Kingdom has, to best use her for own convenience, giving her a high standing in name only.”
maruino: “I think her design is becoming my favorite.”

Asari Endou: “She’s the type to like picaresque novels.”
maruino: “She’s a common-standard existence, however, I think I wanted for design to be slightly removed from the common-standard.”

Asari Endou: “Palette is, no matter what, just a simple good kid.”
maruino: “Speaking of mascot characters from the 80s, there’s quite a bias for four-legged animals with a protruding tooth…”

Asari Endou: “Fav is a frivolous and cruel hedonist.”
maruino: “I’ve designed him to have an air of being inorganic, not cute and impartial, however, I wonder if I should have made him a bit cuter… maybe I should have…”

Asari Endou: “The thoughts he harbors towards Keek are quite complex.”
maruino: “Just by his appearance, he looks like the splitting image of Fav. I wonder if somewhere out there, there’s something like a model number…”

maruino Asari Endou Characters Fanbook

Well, that’s it from my side of things, folks!

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