Dark Magical Girl Anime: They Don’t Have To ‘Get’ Madoka

Dark Magical Girl Anime

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Why You Should Get Into The Yuuki Yuuna Franchise (And How To Do So)


Hey, guys, it’s a surprise kamikaze article from my side of things! Anyway, I’ve got this important message to all of you to Watch Yuuki Yuuna. Watch Yuuki Yuuna. Watch Yuuki Yuuna. Watch Yuuki Yuuna. Watch Yuuki Yuuna.

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The 2018 Backlog Summary

2018 Backlog
Holy crackers, two articles on last year in a row! It’s almost like they were originally one and I made a cut to get more out of the same content and retain readers instead of losing them due to tl;dr shenanigans. But let’s not mind the baseless conspiracy theory and celebrate TWO FOR ONE! TWO FOR ONE! And Fuu on the front page!

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The Anime Of 2018

2018 3x3
Hey guys, remember 2018? No? Well, I remember! And you’re gonna read about it now! This one month-late article is still relevant I’m telling you!

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