About Me

Hey! You! Yes, I am talking to you! Surely you’ve always been wondering who I am, right? Yeah, I’m an anime writer or something!

Now, first of all, let me clarify that I’m not an anime writer who writes anime but one who writes about anime. Big difference. Speaking of anime writers or anime staff in general, if you want to find out more about them, I’ve translated interviews with them here. Which is also what I do on this blog.

With that said, I’d like to say that I’m nobody suspicious, just your run-of-the-mill goth loli connoisseur passing by. I care a lot about not many things but the ones I do find worth mentioning I like to bring up over and over again so creating a blog was a rather logical choice for me to make.

In fact, I’ve run a blog before way back in the days and at its best of times, it would get more than 1.000 views a day. But that’s long ago and those are numbers I couldn’t even dream of these days.

I think my one unique selling point is that I’m a rather distinguished individual. Ain’t got no two Zakus on this world, oh no. Well, to put things bluntly, I’ve always had a sharp tongue. As a result, some people develop stockholm syndrome over this and then tend to call me a tsundere. Whatever. I call it “TOUGH LOVE”.

“You are fluffy. And mean.” – Bednorz, Sempai Of Legends And The One Gacha Addict That Must Be Defeated At All Cost

Well, some data to backup my credentials I guess: I own roughly 600+ manga though it’s not like I specifically counted. I’ve been watching anime on a seasonal basis for more than 10 years now. I’d also been a blogger for the longest time before the creation of this website back in the heyday of anime blogging. With my new one, too, I make regular updates. One could say I am a seasoned anime blogger! But is that really an accomplishment?

I also have rather diversified taste or at the very least I’d like to believe so as I have yet to come across someone who likes Yuuki Yuuna AND Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters AND Texhnolyze. Anime fans usually belong into one of these camps and avoid the other. But I’m not into silly tribalism based on genre categories. I don’t fight for genres but for good media in general, no matter what it is classified as. As such, don’t expect me to break a lance for your preferences unless it’s fetishes we share and that’s unlikely.

Oh yeah, and speaking of which, did I mention that I like goth lolis? In fact, I LOVE GOTH LOLIS! And goth loli dolls!

“A fearless card game enthusiastic.” – Kusu, Inventor Of The Bizarro Kusu Tweets™

Anyway, here’s a rough outline of my anime and manga biography history so far:

  • 2001: I buy my first manga, becoming acquainted with an entirely new form of media.
  • 2007: I start watching anime in Japanese!
  • 2009: I start getting into seasonal anime.
  • 2009: I start out with my first blog, zakuabumi.wordpress.com, in German language only, dedicated to anime, manga, games, visual novels etc..
  • 2009: I join anime twitter for the first time. Up until today, a small yet dedicated follower base has enabled me to continue my twitter adventures over the years.
  • 2012: I switch my blogging language to English, even registering it for Anime Nano (feeling old yet?).
  • 201x: I don’t know exactly when this happened but I found it to be noteworthy regardless so here we go: I got blocked on twitter by J-List presumably for refuting its founder’s points on why onaholes should be categorized as “prank toys”. Yes, this was worthwhile enough to be included in this biography of mine.
  • 2015: After 1,134 articles, more than 10,000 comments, 83 subscribed followers per mail and WordPress as well as many fruitful events and good memories, I decide it is time to put my blog activity to a rest .
  • 2016: I order my first load of merchandise and manga from Japan! Exciting!
  • 2018: I become the #1 Goth Loli Connoisseur on anitwitter! Wow!
  • 2018: With renewed energy, I start another anime blog, this very website of mine.
  • 2018: I’ve created the most important and wholesome twitter format of all time – Happy Weekend Tweets!
  • 2019: As a follow-up to the most important and wholesome twitter format of all time, I’ve created just another one, the ever-so-famous CALENDAR PAGE FLIP!
  • 2019: It took me this long but I finally bought my first set of e-manga!
  • 2019: My Japanese studies have made some tremendous progress! In fact, I have now cleared more than 50 manga in Japanese! Wowsers & Yayifications!

What other amazing things will I discover on my future adventures? I can hardly wait to find out! And I hope you will accompany me on that journey as I’m sure a world of wonders awaits us!