Yet Another Anime Website – About This Blog

Why hello there, dearest visitor, it looks like you have stumbled upon my humble blog! Now, granted, I consider sub pages like these a pain especially since hey, there’s not that much to explain about your own hobby website but as anime blogs are a dying species… you know. We’re doing this like back in my days, kids. None of your YouTubers with their catchy intros and ad breaks around. Just plain old text.

Surely you must have a lot of questions now!

I Run An Anime Blog – But What Exactly Is It That I Do?

I write stuff. About things I care about. That’s essentially it. Let’s just say that at some point I had a flash of inspiration and here we are with another anime blog around.

Anime Website Idea

IRL Footage Of My Big Heureka Moment When I Had The Idea To Open Up An Anime Blog

So I Maintain A Blog – Why This Kind Of Anime Website?

Well, that’s a good question. Dedicating a website to anime is one thing but a blog of all things? I might as well go for the YouTube audience instead. I’m certainly loud-mouthed enough for it! And soulless enough too!

Well, actually, I want to provide unique, user-generated content for a dedicated niché that doesn’t mind reading long, in-depth articles that revolve around works outside of mainstream appeal. Sadly, this is something most other websites hardly cover so I have decided it’s in the best interest not of the many but at least of few to build myself an anime blog satisfying the needs of first and foremost myself but also a select few interested in reading a different kind of output compared to the norm, such as unknown anime that I’d describe as hidden gems. But there are also many other things I tend to write about such as games and manga and occasionally I go for editorials… but primarily, it’s an anime blog regardless. But I bet there are probably still a ton of people who would classify an anime website as a waste of time.

Anime Website Why

Seriously, Running An Anime Website Makes Me Wonder What Went Wrong With My Life

So There Are Tons Of Other Anime Websites – Why You Should Stay Here

This is the tricky part. I don’t know either. Clearly the stuff I write is long, as evidenced by whatever this sub page is and it’s been going on for way too many paragraphs already. I also don’t update frequently but I try to go for a monthly post and I’ve been managing just fine so far so that’s something. An unknown anime blog promotes unknown anime. Let’s just say that’s what you’re here for.

Also, last but not least, those who do not stay will be met by… misfortune. Take that as you may. I am not going to reveal anything. Because that’s the scary part.

Anime Website Horror

You will stay… you will stay… staaaaaayy…!!

So let’s get past the mountain and discover a world of frills! Let’s venture into the world of unknown. Anime can be good, even those you’ve never heard of!

1 thought on “Yet Another Anime Website – About This Blog

  1. Man, I just discovered yourbblog and I’m loving it!

    You puch so much personality in your texts and that’s so fking compelling to me

    your opinion about dark magical girls made me reflect about comparisons between works, and how I need to think more critically when deciding if something is good or bad fiction based on its intent

    And I also laugh in your jokes!

    Aaagh I need to read more of your posts, brb


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