Stuck In Another World With My Almighty Blog Post

This article contains 0% of images from actual isekai anime apart from this one smug goth loli fairy because there is no way I wouldn’t feature a smug goth loli fairy.

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The 2018 Backlog Summary

2018 Backlog
Holy crackers, two articles on last year in a row! It’s almost like they were originally one and I made a cut to get more out of the same content and retain readers instead of losing them due to tl;dr shenanigans. But let’s not mind the baseless conspiracy theory and celebrate TWO FOR ONE! TWO FOR ONE! And Fuu on the front page!

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The Anime Of 2018

2018 3x3
Hey guys, remember 2018? No? Well, I remember! And you’re gonna read about it now! This one month-late article is still relevant I’m telling you!

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