Sakuga Discourse Is Technocratic And A Guessing Game

Sakuga Discourse Joshiraku There's So Little To Animate

Howdy, everyone. Hope you’re all in good shape and we’re all gonna be around long enough in this cold war 2.0 shitshow of ours. In the meanwhile, let’s talk about how we talk about animation and fundamentally misapproach it in a lot of ways.

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‘Show, Don’t Tell’ Is Not The Ironclad Rule People Think It Is

Show, Don't Tell - Seitokai no Ichizon And The Differences Of Media

As you’re surely aware of, dear readers of mine, this is a blog dedicated to anime (not really), manga (very not really), games (especially not really), arbitrary translations (more really) and MahoIku (magi-really), all of which compose a significant chunk of Japanese media. And on this grand weblog of mine, I, the blogger himself… etc. pp.

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