I Can Actually Compose Texts Longer Than 280 Characters

Zaku Anime Blog

This post will really lorem your ipsum with all the dolor you could hope for.

Hi, I’m Zaku, someone who likes anime, manga and occasionally other things. But not all of them. Actually just a tiny minority. And now I also have a blog. Ideally I’d like to write about the things that leave an impression on me.

I also have a thing for goth lolis and annoying people by throwing reaction faces at them or telling them to go for entertainment media that I like – which they tend not to do.  I believe myself to be sophisticated enough to make statements such as “There is no best hair style on anime girls, it always depends on the character” and then tell you about the mysteries behind the magnificence of drill hair anyway. I like to blabber and sometimes to actually say something.

Which is what I intend to do with this website! Although I’ll only write irregularly here and most likely won’t keep this up for long. This is all happening on a whim after all.

On the topic of self-introduction, I’m also trying to study Japanese. Emphasis on “trying” since I’m not very consistent with it. My favorite game franchises are Souls and Monster Hunter. My favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! arc is Doma. If you want to know more about the exciting world of wonders that is me, go pay me a visit on twitter.

I also don’t intend to use any fan art of anything on this blog and instead rely on screenshots and the likes to respect the artists. Though I’m not sure how I’ll handle the matter with the header.

Anyway, I’ll keep the comment section deactivated since I fundamentally dislike discussions for a plethora of reasons. Not exactly a statement supported by many – if any – but that’s the way it is and I haven’t exactly ever been the crowd pleaser type actually. If you think you’ve got anything substantial to add, just contact me on twitter.

Have a nice day!

2 thoughts on “I Can Actually Compose Texts Longer Than 280 Characters

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  2. LMAO that first line 🤣

    Gonna use your writing style as inspiration for my blog writing! Thank you so much!


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